Moraif: Dow Still Falling to 11,500

“The market may be finally realizing that there are limits to what the Central Banks are able/willing to do to keep this gravy train going. On Friday we saw the Dow drop 394 points on the HINT that we may be coming to an end to the stimulus both here and in Europe. …

“Without the confidence that the market has in continued support from monetary stimulus, investors would have to look at the fundamentals for comfort. Unfortunately, the economic data for August did not look that good. …

“If the market were to take out the effects of the “Government Infusion Bubble”, I believe that the market would fall into a bear. …

“The longer it takes, the worse the final bear market will be, in my view. I see little reason to change my Fearless Forecast of Dow 11,500 [in 2016]. I believe it is a matter of when not if.”

— Excerpt contributed by Jason Kelly


Z-val: Ken Moraif
Via: Money Matters
Date: 9/10/16
Disposition: Short-Term Bearish
Dow Jones Industrial Average on 9/9/16: 18,085
Dow Jones Industrial Average on 12/30/16: 19,763
Change: +9.3%
Judgment: Wrong

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