Publicity In L.A.

I spent the first part of this week in Los Angeles, promoting Financially Stupid People Are Everywhere: Don’t Be One of Them. I own a rental property in L.A. and am still blessed with many friends in town, so I jump at any excuse to get back. Here’s a little photo tour of Tuesday in L.A.

The first stop was KFWB News Talk 980 at CBS Radio, where Maggie McKay and I had a nice conversation about the many ways that people are tricked by financial mischief in America. The recording ran during the evening drive and again later:

After the show, I checked to see how the book was doing around town. I was happy to find this display at the Borders Westwood store, with the book on both the shelf and table:

Then, it was off to the studio of The Young Turks where I discussed financial stupidity with guest host Ben Mankiewicz. I admired the show’s excellent studio and production area, and wondered if traditional TV knows how professional online broadcasting has become. The crew gave me an official Young Turks t-shirt. After the show, Ben and I were joined by producer Ana Kasparian for this shot:

I decided to reward myself with dinner at one of my old hangouts, The Grove. I sat on the patio of La Piazza near the water fountain, where my charming waitress informed me that, like me, she’s from Colorado. What a small world! I stayed a long time, eating and thinking, sipping good wine, and watching cool Angelenos walk by in a fashion show. I love L.A.!

Now, you may wonder just how much a guy who writes a book called Financially Stupid People Are Everywhere drops on a dinner like that. Too much, but I wanted it…and I had the cash.

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