On Success Express

I spoke with hosts Nancy and Lisa on “Success Express” from 7:20 to 7:40 p.m. ET. We discussed why most people feel intimidated by the stock market, how to make 3% quarterly growth consistently regardless of the market environment, and why the US market is still in great danger because the government followed Japan’s flawed playbook for dealing with bad banks — even though every US Treasury secretary flew to Tokyo for the past 20 years to tell the Japanese government that it shouldn’t have made private banking debt disasters public.

When the US encountered its own private banking debt disasters, what did it do? Made them public. Way to go! Now, maybe America can enjoy a two-decade up-again-down-again recession just like Japan has experienced following its stock market bubble burst. The Japanese bubble burst in 1989, and the recession it caused still hasn’t ended.

Nancy and Lisa were gracious hosts, and I hope to join them again in the future.

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