New Year Themes

The Kelly Letter’s call for a year-end rally played out according to plan, but is it all just up from here? Are we really out of the woods just because the news people are so happy and keep saying so?

Same with our oil investment. Sure, oil is up on concerns about the Israel/Hamas conflict and the Russia/Ukraine dispute over natural gas prices, but will the price stay up on atrocious fourth-quarter economic data? There are several time frames to consider, and I’ve been looking at them with an eye on getting the best entry price for the long-term road to higher oil prices.

Finally, Treasuries. Yields are at multi-decade lows and will most certainly rise again, meaning lower Treasury prices and a good chance to short Treasuries for profit. But, are they ready to make that move now?

I explored these and other ideas in yesterday’s note sent to Kelly Letter subscribers. Start your year by becoming one of them! Hope to see you on the list soon.

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