The Coming Oil Opportunity

In the December issue of The Kelly Letter, sent yesterday morning, I explained to subscribers why currently cheap oil will not last and then showed how we planned to benefit when the price of oil starts rising again. Key points covered include:

  • The basic oil thesis.

  • How recession affects the price of oil.

  • That the recession will end, that it won’t be long compared to oil’s long run, and that pre-recession pricing pressures will return.

  • OPEC’s price targets. NOTE: They’re 38% higher than last Friday’s close.

  • The International Energy Agency’s annual World Energy Outlook, released just weeks ago, and what it expects to unfold over the coming 22 years.

  • Why we could see another energy crisis just like the one we saw early last summer, within two years.

  • The impossible amount of oil needed to satisfy demand in the coming two decades.

  • The reason buying oil investments in hopes of higher prices is consistent with wanting the world to kick the carbon habit.

  • Ways to invest in oil easily, and the one The Kelly Letter is watching, with a clear price target.

If you would like to read the report, “The Future of Oil Prices,” along with the entire December issue and receive access to the complete Kelly Letter archives, please try a one-cent, one-month trial here.

We’ll get the report to you this evening.

I hope to welcome you soon!

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