Oil Over The Edge

Per my articles on Monday and Wednesday (scroll down for both), oil has continued plummeting all week. It closed yesterday below $44, and is now down 70% in the past five months.

What this means for those with an awareness of history is that we’re staring at a fantastic opportunity to put several trends in place for your portfolio. They are:

  • Growing demand from China, India, and other emerging economies for more oil

  • Diminishing oil reserves

  • A temporary recession that will end, putting developed-economy demand for oil back at the high levels that drove the price per barrel over $145 last summer

I won’t rehash the articles from earlier in the week, but I’ll be addressing this in more detail to subscribers this weekend. In one week, we’re almost at my target buy price for oil. I didn’t expect to be this close for several more weeks or even months. If you’d like to join the oil investment discussion, please add yourself to the list to get last weekend’s report and this weekend’s update.

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