Stock Research With Adobe Flex

Two readers of my Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing built an Adobe Flex application to research stocks using parameters from the book.

Sven-Olav Paavel and Martin Valler wrote, “We have been hearing business requirements about all kind of extreme sorting and dragging-dropping for years but thanks to Flex we can now start to take these requirements seriously.”

The prototype they created around my book turns the components of a healthy stock into a screen, and then constantly applies that screen to the stock market and highlights stocks worth further research. Here are some screen shots:

Some caveats from the developers:

There are some shortcomings related to this application. As it’s just a prototype, it is not linked to real data. We couldn’t find a suitable data feed and therefore the application is pre-filled with some example data to give a feeling how a real application would look like. Also there could or should be the possibility to give different weights to different characteristics as some of them are more important than the others.

This is one of the best efforts I’ve seen yet to create software around my book. If and when it’s ready for prime time, I’ll be sure to let you know.

The developers’ Mind The Flex website is worth watching, and the entry on the above applications is here.

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