Clinton’s Impending Defeat Is Not News

We’ve been well ahead of the mainstream media on the issue of who will be running against McCain. On March 23, I sent to Kelly Letter subscribers the following:

The idea that Clinton and Obama are neck-and-neck in the race for the Democratic nomination is a media driven fiction. It makes for great edge-of-the-seat reading, but is wrong.

Clinton has almost no chance of winning.

Even her own campaign says she can’t win more pledged delegates at this point, and any calculator will tell you the same thing. Even if she wins every single contest remaining with 60% of the vote — a margin of victory she’s attained only three times so far — she would still trail Obama in the delegate count.

That leaves Democratic superdelegates to reverse the popular vote in Clinton’s favor. Clinton is banking on winning the primary popular vote, at least, to lobby superdelegates to make the nearly inconceivable decision to tell her black opponent and his grassroots army that, despite his winning the count with voters, the candidacy will be given to the white person.

The notion that Hillary’s demise is inevitable is finally taking hold in the mainstream media. Charles Krauthammer wrote in today’s Washington Post:

There’s only one remaining chapter in this fascinating spectacle. Negotiating the terms of Hillary’s surrender. After which we will have six months of watching her enthusiastically stumping the country for Obama, denying with utter conviction Republican charges that he is the out of touch, latte-sipping elitist she warned Democrats against so urgently in the last, late leg of her doomed campaign.

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