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One of my readers is Gal Arav, founder of the hit investment site, InstantBull. Yesterday, he launched a brand new site called newsflashr. Prior to its public debut, I explored the site with a username and password Gal reserved for me, and found it lived up to its promise.

What is that promise? Straight from Gal:

It aims to out-speed services such as Google News by offering a faster way to track headline news from all the most credible news sources. It includes an interactive set of features that hasn’t been done on the Web before.

This time, I’m up against all the big internet companies, nevertheless I hope you’ll see that newsflashr really does step it up a notch in terms of its speedy technology.

Here are the key advantages:

  • Hot topics are extracted from all the most credible news sources in order to display the “collective intelligence” of all the top news editors

  • Results are displayed within a “hot topic news cloud” in order to transparently link matching news headlines at unprecedented client-side speed (competing services are slower due to their use of standard server-side retrieval operations)

  • Mainstream news and blog categories can be easily compared while viewing each news source’s independent traffic rankings (provided by Alexa, an Amazon, Inc. company)

  • Search and track popular topics in news headlines up to 7 days old; search results are immediately displayed in a convenient summary matrix

  • Customize the “freshness” of highlighted topics and corresponding headlines

  • Access all headlines on one concise page in either “feeds view” or “topics view” including photos and images in the news that match selected topics

The freely accessible new service provides a time-saving news interface for journalists, bloggers and news-lovers alike.

Check it out for yourself at

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