Win A Signed Copy of The 2008 Edition

Would you like to win a free signed copy of the 2008 edition of The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing? Now’s your chance!

Simply refer eight new people to my free email list shown at the top of any page on this site. If you’re one of the first five people to do so, I’ll mail a signed copy of the book directly to you from where I’m spending Christmas in Colorado.

Note that you can’t type their email addresses in for them. They need to come to this site and enter their own addresses in the field.

How will I know you’ve referred eight people? Newcomers to the list will receive a note asking them for the name of the person who referred them. When I get eight notes back with your name in them, you qualify. If you’re one of the first five, you win! If you’re not, you still win my admiration and gratitude.

I’m doing this because I want to expose more people to my unique approach to investing, get the word out about the 2008 edition, and reward my regular readers with a Christmas gift.

Can’t wait to win a copy? Why, you could always buy one:

Stock Market Investing 2008 Edition
Barnes & Noble
An independent bookstore near you

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