Better Than 99.998% of Mutual Funds

I wrote on Nov. 27 that my Maximum Midcap strategy had declined 20% since its October high, and that its five-year price history suggested it was ripe for a recovery.

Since then, the strategy has gained 13% and is now up 14% for the year. My Double The Dow strategy is up 10% since then and 15% for the year. These are excellent performances in absolute terms, but also in relative terms compared to the Dow (+9%) and the S&P; Midcap 400 (+10%).

Since Dec. 31, 2002, here’s what $10k in each strategy and the Dow has grown to become as of Friday’s close:

$30,732 Maximum Midcap
$22,553 Double The Dow
$16,209 The Dow Jones Industrial Average via the DIA ETF

That gives Maximum Midcap an annualized return for the past 5 years of 26%, which is better than 99.998% of all mutual funds. Of the 0.002% of funds that did better, most focused on Latin America and India.

Kelly Letter subscribers invest more in Maximum Midcap at the end of each month, a simple technique that boosts performance even beyond that shown above by automatically buying more cheap shares than expensive ones.

That’s just dollar-cost averaging at work, but the technique is particularly well suited to volatile investments that rise over time. These leveraged strategies are precisely such vehicles, combining extreme volatility with assured recovery.

As the market dashes hither, thither, and yon, it’s good to have a winning strategy that keeps cooking along no matter what the pundits say about impending recession, credit crunches, and other fears of the moment. I’ve dismissed all those fears, and that boldness has paid off.

Why don’t you join us for a month and see if this calm approach to superior performance over time can help your portfolio?

Warm regards,
Jason Kelly

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