Highly Rated Stocks in Highly Rated Funds

I ran a screen to find stocks rated five stars by Morningstar, that are also owned by funds rated either four or five stars by Morningstar. The list was short:

  • Buckeye GP Holdings (BGH)
  • Carnival PLC (CUK)
  • St. Joe Corporation (JOE)
  • White Mountain Insurance (WTM)

Of these, The Kelly Letter has been tracking only one, St. Joe, for a potential buy. It’s a victim of the housing market’s woes, but looks to have fantastic underlying asset value and has moved aggressively to limit its exposure to the risks that have hurt it so much in the downturn.

I’ll let subscribers know if and when I buy it, along with another housing stock I like. It’s still early for the sector, in my view, but the day will come.

The above four stocks closed last Friday at the following discounts:

  • BGH 21% below fair value
  • CUK 35% below fair value
  • JOE 66% below fair value
  • WTM 36% below fair value

From this quick comparison, it’s easy to see why I’m stalking shares of St. Joe Corporation.

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