Summer Special

Things are going well here at The Kelly Letter. At the end of April, I warned of trouble in the medium term but noted that the market looked set to move higher in the short term. It has done so, and we’ve kept up. Look at some of our top positions:

  • Media +129%
  • Oil Service +69%
  • Student Loans +61%

I’m especially proud of our permanent portfolios, which have beaten almost every professional money manager over time and keep extending their lead as the months and years go by. If you’re not following our simple plan of sending money every month to these proven winners regardless of market conditions, you’re cheating yourself of about the simplest way to wealth known. So far this year, the permanent portfolios are up this much:

  • The Dow One +15.5%
  • Double The Dow +17.9%
  • Maximum Midcap +25.2%

Far more impressive, though, is how much they’re up over a longer time period. You can see that on our Strategies page.

Clearly, we’ve done the right thing by staying in the market as it’s gone up. We’ve done so through recession scares last November, stayed put through the Chinese scare last February, and never sweated a drop through the sub-prime lending meltdown a couple months back. When The Stock Trader’s Almanac started its annual “sell in May and go away” chant, then issued its MACD sell signals citing deteriorating liquidity conditions, we held tight and watched the profits mount.

I point all of this out because our outperformance is (A) unavailable in most other places, (B) too expensive where it is available and, (C) usually presented in such a convoluted and arrogant manner that it leaves most people feeling left out. I’m proud of the conversational tone of The Kelly Letter and of the way it runs circles around the big guys while maintaining a friendly manner.

More than that, though, I’m thrilled to be able to offer it at its always low price of just five bucks a month, after a one-cent one-month trial, and with two great bonuses now.

The first is an exclusive five-part series on the real estate market that covers buying property for capital appreciation, buying property for rental income, the state of Southern California real estate, how to buy REOs, and how to buy a business for income.

The second is an exclusive interview with Bill Miller, manager of the Legg Mason Value Trust mutual fund. Mr. Miller beat the S&P; 500 for fifteen years in a row, and took time to answer questions from Kelly Letter subscribers.

With pundits warning that the market looks stretched as we head into summer, and with my cautious stance becoming more pertinent as the short term turns to the medium term I warned about, there’s never been a better time to get set to take advantage of our permanent portfolios. As I’ve pointed out numerous times in the past, extreme volatility coupled with assured recovery is potent. It’s always worked in the past and will continue working in the future.

There’s only a penny to lose and a lot of info to gain by signing up for a trial here.

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