Year In Review

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope that you and yours are enjoying some time off during the holiday season.

I’m in Colorado with my family. I won’t be sending another update to subscribers until January 6. I just sent my annual Year-In-Review note, however, and this year it includes a personal look at the stories behind my subscriber passwords for 2006. Sometimes, this business is all business, and it’s nice to learn a little more about the lives of the people involved. The story behind the passwords tells you what I was doing each month of this year, and how it became the monthly password for Kelly Letter subscribers.

In addition, the look back covers this year’s key events, showing in raw detail what I got right…and wrong. It’s been called the “most honest reflection on Wall Street,” and I take that as a compliment. We learn best by our mistakes. Maybe you can save yourself some money by learning from mine.

Finally, my note sent to subscribers on December 16 contained “Outlook 2007,” my contribution to the annual tradition of peering into the future. Around here, we always have a list of stocks to watch, prices to wait for, themes to monitor, and so on, ever on the hunt for bargain prices.

Why not start your new year off right with The Kelly Letter? If you want to have a look at “Outlook 2007,” my exclusive “Year In Review,” and all the other research I offer only to subscribers, join us for a month. It’s only a penny. If you like what you find, as 85% of all newcomers do, then stick around. It costs only $5.48 per month and you can stop at any time.

Say you try it for four months. The first month is a penny, then $5.48 for each of three months, for a grand total of just $16.45 out of pocket. With that kind of pricing, how can you go wrong?

So, in this time of giving, why not give yourself a little something? See what makes The Kelly Letter different, and see if it’s for you. To take a closer look, click here.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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