A Beer Boost

I wrote about Investments are shown only to KELLY LETTER subscribers. Click to try the letter for free. in The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market investing as a great company. It’s still great with a low valuation (P/E 16) and a high profit margin (14%).

Yet, the stock has been sitting on its hands for the past year. It hit a high of $51.51 a year ago, then hit a low of $43.58 on July 28. It closed today at $45.27.

It’s no screamer, but picking up shares at $45 wouldn’t be the worst move of your life. If you’re looking for a conservative way to get into the market, set that limit order and have a beer. Even making the almost guaranteed journey back to $50 would be an 11% gain. If it gets to $55, that’s 22%. Could it do that in a year? I think so.

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