Are You Rally-Ready?

We may very well be at or near the last opportunity to position your money for a year-end rally. I don’t know how explosive it will be, but I do think we’ll end the year higher than we are now. I felt the same way last year and rode Sun Microsystems up some 64% from October to February. Sometimes the “year-end” rally turns into a happy new year as well. Markets don’t watch calendars as closely as we do.

I have several ideas for you to consider:

– Buy Sun Microsystems (SUNW) below $4

– Buy UTStarcom (UTSI) below $17

– Buy Maxtor (MXO) below $4

– Buy ProFunds Ultra Semiconductor (SMPIX) below $15.50

Also, if a rising market keeps taking Google (GOOG) higher, consider shorting it at any time. It’s a great company, but at $150 per share the stock has a day of reckoning on the calendar.

To see current quotes on all of the above, click here.

I can’t resist mentioning that I’m suggesting buying UTStarcom at a price some 58% lower than the $40 it traded at in January when Kevin Landis, manager of Firsthand Tech Value, recommended buying it. It got as low as $12.59 in September. Now that there is a slew of insider buying giving a vote of confidence, I feel comfortable getting on board.

Maxtor was recommended by SmartMoney in January at a price of $11. Getting it at $4 would be a 64% discount.

You can read more about my watching these two new year’s picks in an article I wrote last May.

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