Summer Super Dips

Folks, I told you way back in February that I was selling my stocks and waiting until summer lows to buy back again. Now that Jim Cramer says this is a time to be careful with your money (he’s usually wrong), the employment data is much weaker than expected (people usually overreact), and stocks are already down (saw that coming six months ago), we’re probably right at the lows.

The true lows often come in just a few moments on a down day. So get your limit orders in. As for me, I’m interested in Sun Microsystems at or below $3.60 and Maxtor at or below $4. We might just hit those prices soon.

If the gloom has you down, keep in mind that this site has a history of selling when people are cheerful and prices are high — think last February — and buying when people are depressed and prices are low — think now.

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