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Economy Slowing, Government Clueless, Americans Discouraged

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know: ______________________________ OVERVIEW China’s Property Bubble Might Deflate Slowly | If so, those betting on an imminent crash will be disappointed. Tax Uncertainty Keeps Hiring On Hold | Do you know what your tax rate will be on January 1st? Neither does anybody else. The Economy Is Slowing […]

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Fed to Spur Growth; Summers Spares Nation by Quitting

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know: ______________________________ OVERVIEW The Fed is willing to provide additional accommodation to spur growth. Gold is soaring in anticipation of more dollar-destroying action from the Fed. Larry Summers is quitting his job as Thrasher in Chief of the US Economy. If you’re rich, you’ll pay higher taxes next […]

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Fewer Pay, More Receive

I received yesterday a certified letter from the IRS informing me that I need to send money to the Treasury for the third time in three months. On the one hand, I’m fortunate to make enough money to need to pay so much so often. On the other hand, I have to wonder what I’m […]

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Abolish Somebody’s Taxes

Following up on yesterday’s article highlighting Arthur Laffer’s idea that an 18-month tax holiday would have cost less than the stimulus and achieved a 2.5% unemployment rate already, today we look at a similar idea: abolishing the corporate income tax forever. Bill Frezza wrote yesterday that the government should not distinguish between so-called “good” and […]

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