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Van Knapp’s Take On Microsoft

Continuing our recent look at why Microsoft has grown its business but not its stock price under Steve Ballmer’s leadership, here’s an installment from Dave Van Knapp of SensibleStocks.com: After I read your article on Ballmer, and your readers’ responses to it, I looked up MSFT’s numbers…revenue growth, profit growth, P/E, all the usual stuff. […]

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Can Microsoft’s R&D Efforts Save It?

Jack is back with further commentary on Microsoft. For background, read the most recent two articles under the MSFT label. Here’s Jack on the free cash flow margin of safety: From Reuters, we find that Microsoft has produced: 12.50% 5-year avg revenue growth24.16% 5-year avg earnings growth20.26% 5-year avg ROE The interesting thing is that […]

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Further Evaluation of Steve Ballmer

Last Friday’s article on Steve Ballmer being bad for Microsoft generated a lot of reader commentary. Jack wrote: I disagree with your position on Ballmer. The reasons being: Ballmer took control over Microsoft whilst it was at a huge premium to intrinsic value. Despite improving value of the business it was not enough to substantiate […]

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Ballmer Is Bad For Microsoft

The Wall Street Journal ran a nice article on Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer yesterday. It was offered as a backdrop to the further departure of Mr. Gates on June 27 from his already reduced role at the company. The article, like many others on Microsoft, never asks the hard question that’s central to […]

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Watching GOOG For Bargain Price

Dan writes: I see you haven’t bought Google yet, despite all your positive articles about it. When do you expect to buy, and will you put on your website when you actually place the order? The Kelly Letter has owned Microsoft and Yahoo for years, and is sitting on modest profits in each. My reason […]

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