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Subscriber Questions About the Current Stock Market

2023-01-11 Podcast Episode Thumbnail

Subscriber Questions About the Current Stock Market | RSS.com Harry from North Carolina read a report warning about the “go nowhere” market of the mid-1960s to the early 1980s, and wonders if today’s market resembles that one. If so, would bonds and CDs be better than stocks? Mike from Slingerlands, New York notes that the […]

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China’s Debt, 2018 Midterms, Trump Impeachment, Bond Funds, Maslow, and Halloween

These discussions are on The Kelly Letter premium subscriber site: In a comment below last Sunday’s letter, Henry asks why China’s debt is worse than America’s. I answer that Beijing is probably understating the level of its debt, wastes much of its spending just to grow GDP, and does not enjoy the benefit of controlling the world’s reserve […]

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The Participant 8/5/15: Interest Rates

THE PARTICIPANT by Jason Kelly Wednesday, August 5, 2015 ___________________________________ FEAR NO RISING INTEREST RATES Bill Gross, now at Janus Capital in Denver, wrote in his July 30 Investment Outlook that the Federal Reserve and other central banks have historically “relied on a model which assumes that lower and lower yields will stimulate not only […]

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