Target Audience

This book’s target audience comprises two groups.

The first are people ticked off about their taxes going to criminal bankers and irresponsible consumers. They want to read how such financially stupid people caused this mess, confirm that they are not being financially stupid themselves, and blow off some steam in the process.

The second are people who are tired of seeing other people in their lives get trapped by the machine, and want to do something about it. These teachers, parents, grandparents, and others in leadership roles want to educate their not-yet-stupid children or grandchildren prior to disaster, or help somebody who’s made a mistake at least learn a better way to live from now on. They will buy the book as a gift for somebody who might not necessarily buy it on their own.

Partly with the second audience in mind, I kept the book short and cheap for mass buying and giving. I picture a successful man or woman standing in the book store browsing the title at a display table, nodding vigorously, and making a snap decision to buy five copies to knock some sense into the kids or grandkids.

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