Why People Like My Style

My books are popular because they make hard ideas easy to understand.

Finances are designed to be unnecessarily complicated because when people don’t understand something, they’re more willing to pay somebody else to handle it for them. Half of the financial industry is based on that principle. Money is so simple, though, that paying somebody else to manage it for you is like paying somebody else to boil water for you. You can handle it on your own.

Here are typical comments people make about money:

“I don’t know anything about finance.”

“It’s boring.”

“I couldn’t follow the contract.”

“I never know where to put my money.”

Music to the ears of financial schemers! I make money simple, because it is simple. The only time it gets complicated is when you’re about to make a bad decision that’s hidden in hard-to-follow details.

Skip those situations! I show you how to focus on the very, very few things that are important in finance. For example, if you never carry a balance on credit cards, you don’t need to know how interest is calculated. Ta-da! Money headache gone.

Once people get used to the right way to handle money, money manages itself. Really. The fewer money mistakes you make, the simpler your financial life becomes, which makes it easier to avoid mistakes, which makes the scene simpler still. Like that, a fresh new day can dawn in your financial life, one without debt or stress. One with freedom.

I write directly and honestly about money. I use lots of examples people can relate to. I show it isn’t hard.

Let’s face it: Life is better when you have your finances under control. Getting your finances under control is my job, and I do it well. Put me on your side so you’re not one of the financially stupid people who cause all of us so darned many headaches.

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