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China Has ‘Curbed’ the Virus

OVERVIEW Virus Update: Xi visited Wuhan. China has "curbed" the virus.    Demographics Don't Lie: 3,158 Chinese have died from the coronavirus since Jan 20—and 1,391,284 have died from other causes.   Stimulus and Sentiment: There is a 99.6% chance of a three-quarter-point cut in the fed funds rate. The BOE cut today. The Vix is at […]

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Weekday Digest

OVERVIEW Virus Update | The rate of spread is leveling off. The WHO seems optimistic, even as it considers declaring a pandemic.   Virus Fears and Oil War Hit Financial Markets | Nice timing, Petrostates. Treasury yields and stocks are down. Fear is up.   Our Portfolio Status | Buy or hold. Do not sell. BRIEFING 1. […]

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