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Oil Angles

Good morning! Let’s explore ways to profit off high oil prices: ______________________________ OVERVIEW Benefit From Even Higher Oil Prices | If oil country unrest worsens, the price of oil will rise further and so will these investments. Benefit From Interest in Alternative Energy | Expensive oil always reinvigorates the alternative energy sector, and these investments […]

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Expensive Oil and the Economy

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know: ______________________________ OVERVIEW Oil Prices Hit $100 | Mideast contagion fear has sent crude prices to $100. Might Endanger Economy | Some analysts say expensive oil could stop the recovery in its tracks; others aren’t nearly as worried. Real Risk is Contagion | So far, the Mideast uprisings […]

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The Oil Dichotomy

Is the oil industry a champion of the people, bringing livelihoods where there were none before, or is it a killer of the environment, driving the human race to extinction through its own dumb appetite? Both. You may think Gulf Coast oil industry families complaining about the drilling moratorium even as oil sloshes toward the […]

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Obama is Missing His Chance to Change US Oil Dependency

President Obama gave his first-ever speech from the Oval Office last Tuesday, and it was about the BP Gulf oil leak. The BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20, and the president has been harshly criticized for waiting so long to take the problem seriously. That his Oval Office speech didn’t happen until […]

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Another Reason to Hate BP

As the oil keeps gushing in the Gulf, here’s a little modern history to further agitate your ire toward the UK’s biggest corporation. The following excerpt is from my new book, Financially Stupid People Are Everywhere: Don’t Be One of Them: Remember how the Iraq war was supposedly all about protecting innocent people from future […]

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