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Week of 11/20/11

The Waterfall’s Edge Approaches Hate to be so gloomy in the wake of Thanksgiving, but Italy is now paying almost 8 pct on its two-year bonds. That’s curtains, folks. The red line was 7 pct for 10-year bonds, now we’re getting to beyond beyond, and in an economy that does more than export olives. When […]

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Week of 11/13/11

Farage On The Eurocrisis Nigel Farage, Co-President of the EFD group, told the European Parliament earlier this week that Europe is on the edge of financial and social disaster and that the area’s leaders lack democratic legitimacy. “We are now living in a German-dominated euro. … I don’t want to live in a German-dominated euro.” […]

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Week of 11/6/11

ECB: Friend or Foe? Mohamed El-Erian: “There is only one institution that has an immediately-available balance sheet that could stabilise the situation in the next few days and weeks — the ECB. … [but it] needs others to help on four critical issues: a bold and lasting separation in how we deal with Europe’s insolvent […]

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Week of 10/30/11

Italian Yields Up, US Jobs Weak EU efforts to contain bond yields and therefore its crisis have been for naught, as Italian yields are now over 6.35 pct — their crisis-high region, where they began August, and you may recall what a swell month that turned out to be. Don’t worry, though, Italy invited the […]

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Week of 10/23/11

Portugal Enters ‘Grecian Vortex’ You knew in your well-informed heart the “solution” to Europe’s spiraling debt crisis was inadequate and that the market’s joy jump would end badly. Now you have evidence. The implosion of Greece is so last week. The new squid on the dock: Portugal. Telegraph: “Monetary contraction in Portugal has intensified at […]

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