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Omicron Update

Here’s a little comfort on the Omicron front. In last Sunday’s Kelly Letter, I outlined why I doubted the Omicron variant would have much of an impact. My reasons included: South Africa sounded the alarm early, unlike certain other countries one might mention, and this early warning immediately activated worldwide surveillance and research. The world […]

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Stimulus, and Reconsidering Total Shutdown

It’s good news Wednesday. Yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 11.4%, its biggest gain since 1933. Pessimists note the comparison date and point out the long slog of the Great Depression that followed the last such bear-market bounce, but time in the green provided investors with a nice break. Then, last night, the Senate […]

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Coronavirus Digest

OVERVIEW Rate of Virus Spread is Slowing | China's new case report is at its lowest since January 20. America's spending package is bigger than expected.   Economic Impact | The OECD sees risk of global recession. China's manufacturing has collapsed. At least pollution is down.   Portfolio Status | Yesterday's strong rebound in the […]

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