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Paperback192 pages (January 2002)
Plume; ISBN: 0452282845

Ride The Bull and Beat The Bear.
And Do It Yourself.

This book was written between summer 1999 and summer 2001, a nearly perfect straddle of the market’s peak and crash. I rewrote it three times to capture the best and worst that the market served during that incredible time period. While the book showcases real stories of success and disaster in a humorous way—as is my style—it also gleans important lessons that will help you manage your own money.

Don’t miss: Kelly’s Heroes — my 7 recovery portfolio stocks, how to make $9.2 million by accident, Wade Cook exposed, pump-and-dump, going from $15 to $250 in five months, the tale of Tokyo Joe, how to save $792 per order, the safety of twelve, the idiotic frontier, a stressful argument about stress reduction, the sugar water bulletin, the headlines of Akamai, the Kevlar portfolio, and, most importantly, THE SIMPLEST INVESTMENT PLAN EVER, where you will find as one of your required investment steps the directive to have another beer.

Written with Jason Kelly’s trademark flair and financial expertise, The Neatest Little Guide to Do-It-Yourself Investing uses real-life success stories to show how individual investors can make money inany market. From thinking like an investor to conducting your own research, you’ll learn everything you need to know about:

“Kelly’s Heroes” — 7 recovery portfolio stocks

  • How to reduce costs by being your own full-service broker
  • Creating a profitable portfolio to match your investment personality
  • The best, most accessible, and lowest-cost investment research periodicals
  • The best, most accessible, and lowest-cost investment research periodicals
  • How Behavioral Finance can keep Dr. Greed and Mr. Fear at bay
  • The importance of dollar-cost averaging
  • Plus
    “Investor’s Tool” sections in each chapter

    Featuring an in-depth look at stock market facts, fallacies, and financial faux pas, this eye-opening handbook is filled with invaluable resources to help you create and maintain personal financial security.

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    The Neatest Little Guide to
    Do-It-Yourself Investing

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    1. Eric Spring
      Posted May 21, 2016 at 9:08 am | Permalink

      I tried to look at your three portfolios on page 155 of the book at: and the result is “not found”. Are you no longer posting these portfolios?


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