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Value Averaging Plan Sells Profit

Yesterday, The Kelly Letter’s limit order to sell part of its small cap stock ETF filled at precisely the price we specified. This was part of our Tier 1 plan, which is a value averaging strategy that sells performance in excess of a 3% quarterly growth target. Because the ETF gained more than 3% last […]

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Twitter Madness

I’ve written many times of my hatred for time-wasting technology, and noted the vapidity of people chasing friends, followers, and other public displays of how important they’ve become. Twitter is wildly popular, but is anybody getting anything worthwhile out of it? How much of what comes to your Twitter page do you actually read? Of […]

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Housing Worsens

The recession started in the housing market, so the recovery underway should include the housing market in some way, right? That makes sense, but hasn’t happened yet. Barclays Capital reported last Friday that the supply of foreclosed homes that banks need to sell is growing again. That overhang will put downward pressure on home prices, […]

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The Balance Sheet Worsens

See how good you’ve become at reading the writing on the wall. I offer two excerpts today. The first is from last week’s report from Moody’s, the one that noted “substantial execution risk” as triple-A-rated economies try balancing stimulus spending with balance sheet rebalancing: Growth alone will not resolve an increasingly complicated debt equation. Preserving […]

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The Permanently Sidelined

Stock market discussions are known for their high intensity. Bulls and bears, whether professional or part-time, tend to believe in their position for thoroughly-researched reasons and have that research at their fingertips for hard arguing. I’ve noticed in this latest market cycle, however, that a lot of my readers and subscribers aren’t as vocal as […]

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