How to Access My Comment Feeds

You might like to know where you can read comments by my other readers, and add your own.

Some of the best discussions around my writing happen in the comment feeds at my website. I pay closer attention to these than I do to similar feeds on third-party platforms that redistribute my writing. I eliminate all trolling and spam, edit content-rich contributions for clarity, and add resources to discussion threads, such as links to articles offering depth.

Getting to these comment feeds is easy.

At the bottom of my weekday articles sent by email, you’ll find a link that looks something like this:

Weekday email footer link to comment section.

At the bottom of Kelly Letter notes sent Sundays, you’ll find a link like this:

Kelly Letter note footer link to comment section.

In both cases, the link will take you directly to the comment feed under the article or Kelly Letter note. Just click it and you’ll arrive at a box awaiting your input.

The Kelly Letter subscriber page also offers links to comment sections, and shows how many comments are already there. It’s at the upper right section of the page, and looks like this:

Subscriber site links to comment feeds from Recent Notes section.

Don’t miss these easy ways to get more out of what I send. I hope to see you in the mix.

Try commenting below!

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  1. Posted May 14, 2021 at 10:56 pm | Permalink

    I’m into my 70’s. All my investment knowledge has been self-taught online, which means I’ve many holes in my understanding!

    I’ve done 3% Sig forever and now am into my 2nd year of 6% and 9%. I would love to find a zoom-based, fee-based financial advisor who can help me with my portfolio. I’m afraid to go somewhere generic to an advisor who doesn’t see the value in the Signal program.

    I am a superb stock picker (bought Amazon at $385 and Tesla at $37) but my portfolio is now at $1,150,000 and feeling scared to draw down to supplement my income because then my money wouldn’t be able to keep working for me. Lol.

    It is a new stage of my financial life.

    • Posted May 15, 2021 at 5:12 am | Permalink

      Good work managing your money on your own so far, Kay!

      As you read in The Kelly Letter, I’m working on an Income Sig plan for just the stage of life you’re entering. I hope to find income-generating assets that can work within the Signal system to provide you with less market volatility and more monthly income, while maintaining the signature low stress of the plan’s automation.

      Keep an eye on this, in the letter.

      See you Sunday,

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