Kelly Letter Doubles S&P 500

The Kelly Letter‘s automated system is winning again.

Through last Friday’s close, here’s how the three tiers of The Kelly Letter have performed so far this year, compared with the S&P 500:

+11.4% Tier 2
+6.3% Tier 1
+4.1% Tier 3
+3.6% S&P 500

The letter’s overall performance is precisely twice the S&P 500’s, up 7.2% compared with the index’s 3.6%.

The letter never forecasts. Instead, it runs proven automated systems that react to price changes alone. No emotion or guesswork. This approach puts it ahead of the market and way ahead of supposedly smart money managers, who fall victim to worries and gut feelings and other thoroughly disproven approaches to investing.

According to last week’s US Investment Policy Committee Notes by S&P Global Market Intelligence:

US equity markets continue to befuddle a majority of domestic money managers. S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Mutual Fund Research Group reported that only 437 (21%) out of 2,053 large-cap fund share classes equaled or beat the 3.57% total return of the S&P 500 year to date through May 31. Large-cap growth funds on average lost 0.98% YTD, while large-cap value and large-cap core funds rose 3.4% and 2.4%, respectively.

The underperformance of large-cap core funds was wider than the cost of the fund’s expense ratio, highlighting poor stock selection. Uncertainty and potential underperformance will probably continue as investors battle head-wind worries about the Fed’s rate hike, Brexit, China’s slowing growth, and the upcoming political conventions.

Here’s a thought, pros: Stop guessing and start automating. Accept that you have no idea what effect any input will have on the financial system. Those head-wind worries are just the ones of the moment, preceded by similar ones and to be followed by others. The coast will never become clear, yet truly smart participants win over time, and you could become one of them by letting go of your ego and allowing price action alone to determine what you do next.

Switch to The Kelly Letter and enjoy life!

Join me to stay ahead of the market, while also staying calm. Automation that uses price action alone runs circles around everything but dumb luck.

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