Special Report: Assessing China Risk

Last Sunday’s Kelly Letter featured a special report on the growing concern about financial risk out of China, given warnings from Charlene Chu and Jim Chanos about the $15T in lending capital China created, which powered its infamous property bubble, which the analysts warn is ready to pop. Many subscribers asked me for permission to share the report with their friends and colleagues, which I granted.

I’m also offering the report to non-subscribers as an invitation to try the letter. It delivers far more useful content every Sunday morning than most once-per-month services deliver in four weeks. See how the letter is managing China the way it manages all scares of the moment as it steadily follows its methods to long-term profit with little stress.

To receive the report, Assessing China Risk, please subscribe to the letter today so we can get you set up in the database to receive the next new letter this Sunday morning. We’ll send a welcome note with the site password, and attach the report to the email.

Please subscribe here. I hope to see you on the list this Sunday!

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