Radiation Levels Still Falling

It’s 10 pm Monday Japan time (9 am EDT), and I just returned from an aid trip to northern Ibaraki Prefecture, just below the Fukushima nuclear power plant situation. I’ll provide a full report on that in the morning, Japan time, with photos. Too tired to do it now. News continues to be promising, confirming the thesis that this site arrived at while mainstream media got creative with mushroom-cloud images and dire headlines. Through it all, the data showed safe radiation levels that have steadily fallen to even safer levels.

As of 9 pm Monday (8 am EDT), radiation in Tochigi City near my office 178 km (111 mi) from the Fukushima Daiichi plant was down even farther since Wednesday’s report to only 0.133 microsieverts per hour (μSv/hr). Recent history of this measurement:

  • 0.224 μSv/hr Mar 16 at 12 pm
  • 0.216 μSv/hr Mar 16 at 4 pm
  • 0.195 μSv/hr Mar 17 at 10 am
  • 0.189 μSv/hr Mar 17 at 4 pm
  • 0.183 μSv/hr Mar 17 at 11 pm
  • 0.175 μSv/hr Mar 18 at 8 am
  • 0.172 μSv/hr Mar 18 at 10 am
  • 0.165 μSv/hr Mar 18 at 7 pm
  • 0.148 μSv/hr Mar 19 at 7 pm
  • 0.133 μSv/hr Mar 21 at 9 pm

More this evening, US time.

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  1. john
    Posted March 22, 2011 at 12:20 am | Permalink

    Glad to hear that, I’m finding that the MSM has largely dropped the Japa n news in favor of Lybia. Also I find the news of smoke rising over Reactor 3 to be troubling, isn’t that the reactor with Plutonium and MOX fuel?

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