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The partners shown on this page have helped make America financially smarter by promoting the ideas explained in Financially Stupid People Are Everywhere: Don’t Be One of Them.

Want to join the list? Write an article and/or place the “Break Free” flip book on your website, then send me the link when you have. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Alan Furth
“What distinguishes [this book] from many other books on the same subject, is Jason’s unwillingness to exonerate the average Joe from the list of culprits, putting the blame on them as much as on the corporations that brainwashed them into wanting stuff they didn’t need and couldn’t afford, the bankers that lent them the money they couldn’t pay back, and the corrupt politicians that allowed their cronies to run wild.” Alan also put the flip book on his blog’s sidebar.

All Financial Matters, J. L. Pritchard
The above link is to a great Q&A Jeff did with me, from which: “When people buy everything they want right now on credit, they don’t get to enjoy what they bought as much as they would if they thought about the object of their desire for months, saved steadily, and then walked in one fine day and slapped cash on the counter for it. That anticipation part of the process is free, and so much fun. The use of debt for instant gratification is certainly not free, not fun, and robs people of the joy of looking forward to their purchases.” Jeff also wrote a preview of the book entitled Amen, Jason Kelly, Amen! and a full review later.

Jason Burack
Working on a review of the book.

Share Your Number, Kevin Cog
“Some may find [Jason Kelly’s] analysis a bit ‘strong’ and rather critical of the ruling elite, but even Kiyosaki (of Rich Dad, Poor Dad books) has a recent book that treads very similar territory. . . Hey! It was the poor primarily that were sold sub-prime mortgages, whose repayments were deliberately designed to escalate to a level that the provider knew they couldn’t afford to repay. So it was designed to be catastrophic, but the sellers got rich on the back of it.”

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