Many people want to support Socks for Japan financially. While we’re not requesting monetary donations, we accept them gratefully and use proceeds in the following ways:

  • Transportation: Our long trips into the damage zone require large vehicles — sometimes rented — and gasoline. We’re please to have been approved for toll-road waivers, saving us as much as $200 per round trip.
  • Volunteer Support: We provide volunteers in the field with necessities like food, drink, and disinfectant.
  • Supplies: We use office paper, toner, packaging materials, and other supplies to prepare socks for delivery.

We do not pay wages, stay in hotels, or otherwise allocate funds in ways that do not directly support our mission of taking donated socks and letters to survivors as quickly as possible.

Please use the button below to donate money to Socks for Japan. Thank you, in advance, for helping us help the survivors of March 11.


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