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Q2 2020 3Sig Calculator Demonstration

This video demonstrates how to use the calculator on The Kelly Letter subscriber site, with real data for the 3% Signal plan from Note 26 sent June 28, 2020. Kelly Letter subscriptions include access to the signal calculator. Use it to generate your own quarterly Sig system signals using price change only. No guesswork or […]

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Do Not Sell Stocks Because of Riots

Transcript: America is burning. That’s what every media outlet will tell you. And investors are asking me, should I sell my stocks? Hi, I’m Jason Kelly with The Kelly Letter. And I’m here today to tell you right up front, absolutely not. 0:16 The riots that are taking place across America started about a week […]

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Why Inverse ETFs Fail Over Long Time Frames

The Kelly Letter uses leveraged long ETFs in two of its plans. Readers have asked whether inverse leveraged ETFs could work, too. The answer is no, because the market rises more often than it falls. This 10-min discussion with charts covering three different time frames makes the case. Want more videos like this? Subscribe to […]

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How to Reduce Your Stock Market Stress

Transcript: I’m Jason Kelly with The Kelly letter. Thanks for watching today. I have noticed in my inbox and phone calls and other means of communicating with subscribers, that people still aren’t quite getting the spirit of my signal plans, which take away all stress from indecision in the market. I want to take you […]

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Opportunity Abides

Dennis asked: Where is our government getting all of this money it is giving to my neighbors and me? Am I right in assuming that the government is just printing, printing, printing more money to throw at the country to stimulate our economy? If so: What is going to happen to our economy in the […]

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