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The Future Belongs to Google

You know how long it would take me to switch? Only as long as the download. When the installation prompt asked me if I wanted to save a backup copy of my former operating environment, I’d click “hell no” as fast as my fingers could move. And — poof! — just like that Microsoft would be gone….

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Google Is Not Over

way to search. Since then, Google has managed to outflank installed software companies, such as Microsoft, with its excellent Google Docs system, and even browser makers with its unsurpassed Google Chrome browser that is both faster and more elegant than any other offering. Should that innovation turn itself to social networking online, Google could open up a very profitable new business line. The Fortune article concedes that, too. In the conclu…

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Challenges For An Internet-Based Operating System

My article yesterday prompted excellent feedback. I’m lucky to count dozens of technology insiders among my readers. What many pointed out is that an internet-based operating system would face major challenges, three of which were summed up well by a subscriber named Eric: Security Moving critical functions online into the hands of a service provider (i.e. Yahoo or Google) would pose significant risks and the possibility of compromising da…

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Online Ad Pros Discuss Google

t as well.” It would not be fair to assume that at all, and this is precisely my point. I searched Google for “cheap online brokerages” and found the organic results to be useful: a SmartMoney article on the best brokers, a CNN broker guide, and links to some brokers themselves. The ads, however, disappointed. The horizontal ad on top was for Firstrade, relevant, clear, and fine. The vertical ads to the right of the results, on…

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Aiming For $6

…, the stock rushes upward, and the momentum gang comes aboard. By then, we’re up dramatically. That pattern has played out time and again for us. It’s not for everybody. A lot of online investors are looking for a fast buck, the quick trade, the flip-flop-til-you-drop lifestyle that usually ends in two things dropping: your net worth and your life expectancy. That approach (A) doesn’t work and, (B) is no fun at all. The reason i…

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