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Week of 9/25/11

…out Europe’s latest proposal, Bill King wrote in yesterday’s King Report: “You have busted nations creating a vehicle, in order to circumvent German demands that the EFSF is not leveraged, to borrow money to buy distressed debt, much of which is their own debt! … Why give losers your money to buy distressed debt when you can buy the distressed debt yourself at market prices, especially when the fund might pay above market…

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An Exciting Week

…and that we should hold tight. That was spot-on, as the Nikkei hit a five-year high on Friday. For the week, our aforementioned Japan investments gained 10.6% and 20.1%. We doubled down on at $22.50, giving us a new average buy price of $25.25. We have an order in place to double down on at $21.50. We were disappointed by the IPO of Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), which was priced at $22 but opened at $45. We did not buy shares at those prices b…

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Another Rate Hike

…the Nasdaq rose 0.7%. The mood continued on Thursday. Talk of a bottom having been reached dominated the corridors of Wall Street. After all, went the refrain, the S&P; 500 has a P/E of just 15.5 so perhaps this is a time to buy, not sell. The Dow rose 1.8%, the Nasdaq 2.8%, and the S&P; Midcap 400 3.2%. Broad-based hardly describes the near total participation in the rally; 146 out of 147 S&P; 500 industry groups rose for the day. Even Fed Chai…

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Waiting On Panera Bread

In last Friday’s article on Panera Bread, I wrote, “I think Panera looks good at recent prices.” I do, but I realized later that phrasing it that way made it seem like I was buying already. I’m not. As is my way, I’ll watch Panera for a while to see if we can shave another 16% off the price to buy at $35 or so. In this weakening market environment — which Kelly Letter subscribers saw coming all the way back i…

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Build Positions Gradually

The following is from this morning’s Kelly Letter sent to subscribers. Because of the recent volatility in the market, I decided to publish it publicly as well. To see what the letter is actually buying, please sign up for a one-month trial. I’ve been writing for half a year or so that the financial crisis would not end until some banks fail. With Bear Stearns’s bailout last week, we’re entering that stage. Technically Be…

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