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Simple and Stress-Free to Help You
Stop Worrying About Your Financial Future
The Kelly Letter Takes Stress, Emotion, and Guesswork Out of Investing

It all started with The 3% Signal.

Simple and effective, Jason Kelly’s plan can be applied to any type of account, and requires only fifteen minutes of strategizing per quarter. No stress. No noise. No confusion.

The plan’s simple technique cuts through the folly of human emotion by reacting intelligently to price changes and automatically buying low and selling high with just two funds.

The Kelly Letter portfolio reacts to stock price changes alone using Jason’s automated 3Sig, 6Sig, and 9Sig plans.

It’s Perfect for Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, and Other Retirement Accounts

Whether you keep your retirement account at Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, or another broker, this plan is ready to improve your results. Some excellent two-fund pairings for 3Sig are:

Vanguard Small-Cap (VB) + Vanguard Bond (BND)
iShares Small-Cap (IJR) + iShares Bond (AGG)
Schwab Small-Cap (SCHA) + Schwab Bond (SCHZ)

Other funds can work as well, such as Vanguard Extended Market Admiral Shares (VEXAX) and Vanguard Total Bond Market (VBTIX).

Your account already offers the funds you need. This plan manages them to peak performance.

Everything You Need to Improve Your Investing Results

If you’re looking for a simple, high-performance plan that enables you to spend less time worrying about your financial future, this is for you. Follow the system to escape investing stress, and spend your free time on more meaningful activities. Many subscribers say they wish they’d heard of this years ago so they wouldn’t have wasted so much time and money following unreliable media tips. No more guessing games — let’s get you started on a better way!

You’ll Feel the Way These Subscribers Feel
Kelly Letter subscriber Harry Douglas
Harry Douglas
Physical Therapist

Before subscribing to your letter, I spent countless hours reading, listening, and watching a large variety of commentary from multiple sources, trying to determine if I was doing the right thing(s) with my investments, and what I should do next. Over the years of being a Kelly Letter subscriber, I have come to understand that the vast majority of this is noise, designed to play on emotions in order to sell something or keep you watching. I now spend much less time fretting over my decisions, and simply react to what the market serves.
Thank you.

Kelly Letter subscriber Henry Mourad
Henry Mourad
Retired Telecom Executive

One of the most comprehensive letters I have read in thirty five years of investing. It gives me various opinions from the so-called market experts, followed by a rational way to accept or discard their points of view. Also, whether any of the turmoil occurring internationally has any bearing on our market. I get comfort in safety regardless of what the market will do next.

Kelly Letter subscriber Byron Anderson
Byron Anderson
Associate Professor,

Shifting my view, as the 3% approach leads, from reactionary to curious bystander is a challenge, but Jason Kelly’s weekly encouragement in his newsletter helps me stay the course. For that alone, I’m grateful and the newsletter reinforces sanity when many other venues suggest calamity.

Kelly Letter subscriber Ryan LettRyan Lett
Medical Doctor

I’ve been a subscriber for three years. I left half of my account managed by a ‘professional’ to know in real time how Jason’s strategy compared to a professional investment manager. Sadly (or happily, depending on your perspective) the 3Sig system has consistently beaten my managed account in both up and down years. Jason’s books say this, but I guess I needed to demonstrate it to myself to believe it. Doing it this way has given me confidence to do my own investing across all of my accounts.

The Kelly Letter
A Complete Investment Management System
The Kelly Letter  every Sunday morning by email.
Like no other. Many subscribers say this is the best read of their week, astonishing in its ability to distill seven days of noise into one succinct overview of the very few items that might matter. Start your Sundays right!
A one-page Quick Start Guide
with page number references to full information in The 3% Signal. You’ll receive access to this right away so you can begin transforming your portfolio into a performance machine immediately.
The 3Sig Calculator.
A thing of beauty! You’ll use it to generate your own personal signals every quarter including exact share amounts to buy and sell based on your account balances. It emails you the results to make later quarters easy by keeping last quarter’s numbers at your fingertips. Some subscribers say this tool alone justifies their subscription price.
The subscriber-only section of this website
where likeminded investors are commenting on notes and discussing in forums. Jason joins these interactions every day. They’re a treasure trove of investing tips and wisdom.
The archive of Kelly Letter notes.
It’s a research center, searchable and smartly tagged to make gathering time-stamped material on covered subjects easy.

The subscriber podcast.
Jason reads every letter word-for-word. This feature was requested by subscribers who prefer audio. They listen on their Monday morning commute, during a workout, or while reading along at their computer.

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