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Week In Review

…quity and other corporations.” He said he had “no idea” how the stock market would move in the short term. “I don’t look at the stock market at all as ridiculously priced. If you told me I had to buy a 20-year bond or make a 20-year investment in the stock market, I’d rather buy the stock market. It’s not cheap, but it’s not ridiculous.” He said that he’s diversified his holdings to incl…

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…ouble-digit earnings in the second half, but companies are hinting at single-digit. If this over-optimism persists, it could set us up for disappointments in the seasonally-weak summer months, further bolstering my case for a buying opportunity later in the year. Tuesday Or, maybe we won’t have to wait that long. Tuesday’s downward slope was almost entirely due to earnings concerns. I detected no whispers of inflation or rate increas…

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How We Avoided Sharper Image

…The stock never bottomed out as low as I was hoping for, and instead began a steady climb to more than $11.50 by April, a three-month gain of 20%. Chart readers pointed out that the stock’s MACD reading issued a steady buy signal at the end of March, and that we’d missed our entry. I wrote at the end of March: Sharper Image rose 6% this week, thanks to a new president being on the way. Its numbers are still lousy, though, and I imagi…

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Looking At Last Week

…provide below excerpts from my March issue, delivered to subscribers early Sunday morning. Before I do, however, let me summarize my take on the current market. On February 4, I wrote: The market will present some excellent buying opportunities in volatile months, but will rise overall for the year. I’ll be looking for buy times as we go through the year, and alerting readers here. We certainly saw some volatility last week. We’re p…

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Entering The Buy Zone

As I had hoped in earlier posts, stock prices have dropped a bit. Sun is back below $4 and in a good buying range. Anheuser-Busch is flirting with $51 and might, just might, get back below $50 in time for you to scoop up shares before the next leg of the rally kicks in. Altria is just 57 cents above $40, my recommended buy threshold. It’ll take a pretty powerful downdraft to send these solid companies down much further, so they might not h…

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