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Microsoft No Longer A Presumptive Buy-And-Forget Holding

…ly about whether the format of my documents would carry over to the recipient. Not anymore. Almost everything is plain text anyway, or rich text, and both of those work anywhere. Blink! Just like that, compatibility with Word disappeared as a reason to keep paying money to Microsoft. It’s in the same trap regarding almost everything online. Outmarketing Lotus 123 with Excel worked to snuff out 123 because as more people started using Excel,…

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YouTube and Business

ng revenue, YouTube’s growing pains are far from over. An interesting question is whether the rise of smartphones and online video popularity is related to high unemployment and declining average wealth. Is it now too easy to disappear into a world of one’s own that doesn’t require meeting life’s challenges? One benefit is that digital entertainment is free or cheap, certainly cheaper than vacations or new toys. Perhaps people are less ambitious…

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Strength Returns

…index (CPI) because it tracks a variable basket of goods while the CPI tracks a fixed basket. A deflator is a statistical tool that changes current dollars into inflation-adjusted dollars so we can easily compare prices over different time periods. May has provided a textbook lesson in market moods. In the last four weeks, we went from ebullient to depressed to cheerful. On May 10, the Fed raised rates and said that it would watch incoming data…

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The Future Belongs to Google

d market in 2007 was about $40 billion. Because more people are getting more of their information online, online ads are on trend to hit $80 billion by 2010. Yahoo has made great strides forward since 2004 when Google hit pay dirt with its fantastic ad system. Yahoo overhauled its own advertising platform with a new one called Panama that’s doing well. It increased overall traffic and is the most visited online name. It made smart acquisiti…

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Online Ad Pros Discuss Google

My article last Friday, Google vs. Microsoft, was picked up by Seeking Alpha and started a discussion between two members of that site who are online advertising professionals. I’ll respond to their comments here. Jeff Molander of Molander & Associates wrote that he thinks Google is attempting to clean up its AdSense network, most notably with a “Pay-per-action scheme and kicking out the made-for- AdSense crowd.” This woul…

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