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My Automated Process Nudges Performance Higher
The plan’s enhanced rebalancing buys stocks low and sells them high, through the power of price reaction alone. The farther stocks fall, the more the plan buys. The higher they rise, the more the plan sells. Repeated quarterly, this process nudges your performance higher to beat the market over time. See the plan in action in the current performance chart.

I Put Volatility to Work—Automatically

My simple plan uses just two funds, one for stocks and one for bonds, and sets a quarterly growth target for the stock fund. Once per calendar quarter, the plan looks at its stock fund to see if it has exceeded its growth target or fallen short of it, then reacts accordingly. Quarterly surpluses are sold and quarterly shortfalls are bought. Proceeds from sales go into the bond fund, and are used later to pay for stock-fund purchases. This process is shown on the chart to the right. →
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Simple and Effective, The Kelly Letter Can Help You Stop Worrying About Your Financial Future

Kent Lacey
“I have followed you, and your weekly letter for some years now. … When the markets tanked after the virus hit the US early this year, I was intently watching how your system would weather that investment method’s biggest test ever. Both you and your style of investing were just perfect during a time when many others were pulling their hair out. Nicely done.”

Vasco Gurch
La Mesa, California
The Kelly Letter is the only investment newsletter needed for anyone who is interested in understanding how markets work. Not only does it provide excellent economic commentary and clear investing advice, it is also full of deep philosophical insights and provides great tools to learn and apply various lessons in life. I am thankful for being part of The Kelly Letter subscriber community and hope it continues to grow in popularity.
to learn about the system. As a bonus, I’ll send you the famous first chapter of my book, The 3% Signal,
“Why Markets Baffle Us.”

Chapter One: Why Markets Baffle Us

  • The Zero-Validity Environment  4
  • Coin Toss Forecasting  15
  • Evidence of Inability  24
  • Paging Peter Perfect  27
  • What We Think versus What Is Real  33
  • Executive Summary of This Chapter  34
A Complete Investment Management System
Your membership in The Kelly Letter community brings you much more than a Sunday morning report. You’ll get all the tools you need to boost your performance, lower your costs, and reduce your financial stress, including:
The Kelly Letter every Sunday morning by email.
Like no other. Many subscribers say this is the best read of their week, astonishing in its ability to distill seven days of noise into one succinct overview of the very few items that might matter. Start your Sundays right!
A one-page Quick Start Guide
with page number references to full information in The 3% Signal. You’ll receive access to this right away so you can begin transforming your portfolio into a performance machine immediately.
The 3Sig Calculator.
A thing of beauty! You’ll use it to generate your own personal signals every quarter including exact share amounts to buy and sell based on your account balances. It emails you the results to make later quarters easy by keeping last quarter’s numbers at your fingertips. Some subscribers say this tool alone justifies their subscription price.
The subscriber-only section of this website
where likeminded investors are commenting on notes and discussing in forums. Jason joins these interactions every day. They’re a treasure trove of investing tips and wisdom.
The archive of Kelly Letter notes.
It’s a research center, searchable and smartly tagged to make gathering time-stamped material on covered subjects easy.

The subscriber podcast.
Jason reads every letter word-for-word. This feature was requested by subscribers who prefer audio. They listen on their Monday morning commute, during a workout, or while reading along at their computer.
Join The Kelly Letter Community

Choose your plan:

Annual $200/year
Just $4 a week and save 17% over monthly.
Monthly $20/month
Pay as you go.

When you join The Kelly Letter, you’ll receive IMMEDIATE access to the step-by-step workings of the plan, all back issues and reports, and the member community in which your fellow members and I answer questions. There’s even a forum dedicated to newcomers, where you’ll feel right at home.

You’ll Feel the Way These Loyal Members Feel

Ryan Lett
Medical Doctor
“I’ve been a subscriber for three years. I left half of my account managed by a ‘professional’ to know in real time how Jason’s strategy compared to a professional investment manager. Sadly (or happily, depending on your perspective) the 3Sig system has consistently beaten my managed account in both up and down years. Jason’s books say this, but I guess I needed to demonstrate it to myself to believe it. Doing it this way has given me confidence to do my own investing across all of my accounts.”

Byron Anderson
Associate Professor,
“Shifting my view, as the 3% approach leads, from reactionary to curious bystander is a challenge, but Jason Kelly’s weekly encouragement in his newsletter helps me stay the course. For that alone, I’m grateful and the newsletter reinforces sanity when many other venues suggest calamity.”

More members share their stories

Chris McIlroy
“My wife and I finally hit $1 million net worth. 2020 has been my most profitable year yet. I fully moved over to 9Sig in my IRAs during the bottom and the giant buy signal. That worked out very well for me.”

Jeff Hale
“I’ve always been very careful with my finances, living below my means, something I believe I learned from grandparents who lived through the Depression.  I’ve been interested in finance and wanted to start my own business for as long as I can remember, and began investing in my teens.  My wife Amy has been onboard with me since our beginning.

We bought a cheap fixer-upper home in 1995, the year we were married, which we still live in today. We are both business owners. Mine is a residential construction company and Amy is a partner in a graphic design firm. We live in an area where we can easily get out and enjoy nature. I mountain bike and ski regularly, trails are right out our back door. Amy plays tennis in the summer and hockey in the winter. We also love to travel and make a point to get out of town a couple times a year to see the world.

Investing has been an up and down experience but I’ve stuck with it… from nothing. I started investing in DRIP’s when I was 15, then on to mutual funds, index funds, broker help then back on my own because I wasn’t happy using a broker, stock picking…  Some wins, some losses, lots of learning (though I am still no expert), and then I stumbled onto you a long time ago and devoured your material (wish I could remember when I started). It was definitely in your stock days.

The Sig plans have created a world of difference. And 2020 worked out right!

It’s allowing me to “retire” at 52 from my crazy, all-consuming residential construction world and move onto things I have interest in but didn’t have time for. One of them is to get back into the deeper study of the financial world, along with creating a lot of free time for fun.  Hard to believe Amy and I are darn close to a $2 million net worth.

Also exciting for us, our daughter Aidan has a newfound interest in the markets and Amy and I are getting her going on the Sig plans (I’ve had a school fund going in them for a long time, but now she has her own monies she wants to invest).  It’s just great; she is off to the races.

Well, thank you for everything you’ve done. It really is amazing, and gives me peace of mind in every market condition.”

Mike Capern and Donna Capern
Slingerlands, New York
“This investing system works exceptionally well for us.

We came to Jason’s writing after the typical life journey of young urban professionals, through fee-based financial planners and “independent” advisors who direct their clients to diversified, actively-managed funds with back-loaded fee structures. We’d already read widely, including texts like William Bernstein’s The Intelligent Asset Allocator.

Jason and his supporting cast have codified and tested a system that is efficient with our precious time, and recognizes how psychology impacts our investing decisions. The system helps us recognize buying opportunities, and extract value at appropriate intervals.

We call this a “living system” because we’ve followed it for more than 10 years, and seen it evolve. Jason learns from and adapts to dynamics of the markets, over time.

Jason breaks through our news bubble each week with a fairly-priced and independent perspective, practical guidance, the latest ideas under consideration, and a weekly coaching session which is crucial for many of us! All in newsletter or podcast formats, with a user guide that’s updated regularly. (I especially appreciated the podcast when I was on the road every week.)

We’ve followed the system through our 50s and, now in our early 60s, are ready to retire from full-time employment. We’re retirement-ready thanks in large part to applying the three tiers of this Signal System in our 401k, IRAs, and non-registered accounts. We recommend it to all of our friends who show any interest in investing.”

Bestselling Financial Author