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Both Democrats and Republicans Are Bad For America’s Finances

To me it’s a truism, but one that few people grasp: Both major US political parties are the same. To watch excitement over the midterm elections as a chance to “throw the bums out” in favor of the other party, when the bums are Democrats and the saviors are Republicans, is to watch irrationality in […]

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More Evidence That Tax Cuts Are Needed to Stimulate Hiring

I shared a month ago Arthur Laffer’s idea that a tax holiday would have cost less than the government’s budget-busting stimulus programs and would have already achieved an unemployment rate of 2.5%. Instead, the US faces bankruptcy thanks to a crescendo of mindless spending following decades of fiscal mismanagement in Washington, and still suffers an […]

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Google Is Not Over

The Kelly Letter bought shares of Google (GOOG) in the midst of the subprime financial crisis at an average cost basis of $407. They rose to a high this year of $630 on January 4, fell to a low of $434 on July 6, and closed Friday at $500. I listed GOOG as one of […]

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FSP at

Many thanks to the fine folks at for running an excerpt from Financially Stupid People Are Everywhere: Don’t Be One of Them as a summer reading recommendation this weekend. They even linked to the feature from their top page, one of the investing world’s most trafficked properties. See the excerpt at their site here.

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