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Jakobsen: Election to Cause Volatility

“Clearly what we have right now is a market that is finally realizing that this could be a repeat of what we saw in the UK in terms of Brexit — not necessarily meaning that Trump will prevail, but certainly that it will be much tighter come election day. “That’s really the theme of the […]

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Jakobsen: Sell Stocks, Take Six Months Off

“Investors should sell any equities bought over the past year, hold the proceeds as cash and take a holiday from the market for six months.” – Excerpt contributed by Chad Berger Z-val: Steen Jakobsen Via: Bloomberg Date: 3/31/15 Disposition: Medium-Term Bearish S&P 500 on 3/31/15: 2068 S&P 500 on 09/30/15: 1920 Change: -7.2% Judgment: Right […]

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