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Moraif: Dow Still Falling to 11,500

“The market may be finally realizing that there are limits to what the Central Banks are able/willing to do to keep this gravy train going. On Friday we saw the Dow drop 394 points on the HINT that we may be coming to an end to the stimulus both here and in Europe. … “Without the […]

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Moraif: Get Out of Stocks

“Despite a strong 316 point rally on Friday, the market lost almost 1% the week ended February 12th. Very similar to what happened the previous week when we saw big, violent swings on the downside with a strong 396 point rally to finish the week. … “We are advising our clients to be out of […]

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Moraif: Dow Falling to 11,500 in 2016

“The fearless forecast for 2016 is that the Dow will hit 11,500. … “The reason I see the Dow falling to 11,500 is because I see a recession coming in the United States. In fact, I think we already are in it; it just has not been made official. Bear markets come with recessions, and […]

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Moraif: Recession to Bite

“As I have been reporting to you over the last few months, the world’s economy is slipping into recession while the US economy shows signs of strength. It is my view that the global recession will have a detrimental effect on our economy. The question that we are all waiting to get answered is, ‘Will […]

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Moraif: Trend Getting Worse

“Well we got off easy with the Dow closing down ‘only’ 600 points. “So does this change my sell recommendation? No, it does not. If we have a global recession coming, I just don’t see the US economy being strong enough to pull everybody else out of it, rather I see them pulling us down […]

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