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Kass: Unattractive 12 Months Ahead

“The outlook for our global equity markets is ‘FUBAR.’ The consensus estimates for worldwide economic growth and profits are inflated. Valuations and market levels are overpriced — possibly meaningfully so. … “The markets, to quote my Grandma Koufax, are ‘in a (sour) pickle from Katz’s Delicatessen on Houston Street’ as the chasm between asset prices and […]

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Kass: ‘Big Short’ May Be At Hand

“[T]he Wizard of Oz’s curtain will be soon opened and investors will finally begin to see whether the flight path of economic growth is steady enough to support stocks at current levels. Personally, I remain skeptical. “Thus far in 2015, I’ve envisioned a sawtooth pattern lower in the belief that a major market top is […]

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Kass: Lower Stock Prices Ahead

“…Greece is a dangerous precedent. … it remains my view that over the last few months markets have been in the process of making a broadening and important top. Markets are, by most measures, in fact teetering. … “Technically, leadership is narrowing — a likely prelude to second-half downside volatility. … ‘The Smart People are […]

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Kass: Shorting Bonds, Yields Will Rise

“[I am] adding long ProShares Short 20+ Year Treasury (TBF) (inverse bond ETF at $23.91) to my Best Ideas List, as I now expect a steady but slow rise in bond yields over the next few years. … “Growth signposts remain weak –- and this is now well known and grounded in consensus. China and […]

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Kass: Market View Remains Negative

“My market view remains negative and I am positioned defensively. Thus far, the market is indifferent to what I have seen as a deterioration in the macroeconomic trends and to rising geopolitical threats. … “Adding to the fundamental issues (estimated 2015 S&P profit forecasts have consistently dropped from $137/share to $119/share) is that sentiment is […]

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