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Are Smart Beta Funds Worth The Higher Cost?

In this video, I’ll explore whether smart-beta funds are worth their higher cost. Smart-beta funds have become popular. They try to replicate various investing techniques, such as value and growth, with an automated formula. Here’s how the funds were explained in a March 18, 2017 Buttonwood column in The Economist: [Excerpt shown at 0:35.] While […]

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Japanese Potato Panic

In this video, I’ll look at Japan’s potato panic, and what it shows us about human behavior in the stock market. In mid-April 2017, Tokyo-based Calbee announced it would temporarily halt sales of 15 types of potato chips due to a bad crop in the key potato-producing region of Hokkaido, which was struck by typhoons […]

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Is Higher Education Worth The Cost?

In this video, I’ll look at whether higher education is worth the cost. Tuition in the United States is soaring. Look at this chart from the American Enterprise Institute using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: [Chart shown at 0:16.] Naturally, student debt is soaring as well. The February 2017 Quarterly Report on Household […]

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Can China Lead The World Economy?

In this video, I’ll explore whether China can lead the world economy. I recently spent time in Shanghai and Guangzhou, observing China in action, taking notes and photos. I reported to Kelly Letter subscribers in early March 2017, and have condensed that report into this video. China is routinely presented in media as the world’s […]

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How to Keep a Long-Term Perspective in Stocks

In this video, I’ll show you how to keep a long-term perspective in the stock market. I’m a believer in stock market systems, particularly my Signal system. However, no system beats the stock market in every time frame. To work over time, a stock system needs to beat this: [100-year Dow chart shown at 0:40.] […]

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