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The Upheaval of 2016

The Upheaval of 2016 by Jason Kelly The polls and the pundits, they got it all wrong, this year’s election that lasted so long. Crowds cheered outsiders from the left and the right, but the pros dismissed both crowds as just impolite. Saying Bernie and Trump did not belong, they flagged Hillary as their winner […]

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Here Comes the Stock Market Knee-Jerk

Sam Wang at Princeton Election is going to be eating a bug, after all. He’s the poll aggregator who assigned a greater-than-99% chance of Hillary Clinton winning the presidency, who wrote at Twitter on October 19: “It is totally over. If Trump wins more than 240 electoral votes, I will eat a bug.” Bon appetit, […]

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Jakobsen: Election to Cause Volatility

“Clearly what we have right now is a market that is finally realizing that this could be a repeat of what we saw in the UK in terms of Brexit — not necessarily meaning that Trump will prevail, but certainly that it will be much tighter come election day. “That’s really the theme of the […]

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Moraif: Dow Still Falling to 11,500

“The market may be finally realizing that there are limits to what the Central Banks are able/willing to do to keep this gravy train going. On Friday we saw the Dow drop 394 points on the HINT that we may be coming to an end to the stimulus both here and in Europe. … “Without the […]

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Singer: Breakdown Will Be Intense

In a cheerless missive to investors, Paul Singer at Elliott Management warned that the bond market is broken and that once central banks lose their ability to prop it up, the crash will be big. This is a recurring bearish argument, but always popular. Singer says now is “in many ways the most peculiar period […]

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