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The Best Way to Invest in this Cheap Stock Market

Leverage or non-leverage? All at once, or gradually? I answer these and other questions from subscribers looking to take advantage of cheap prices in the stock market. — Jason Kelly is the author of The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing and The 3% Signal, and writes an investing newsletter called The Kelly Letter. […]

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Sprint Getting Cheaper

The Kelly Letter added Sprint (S) to its watch list earlier this month. We use the list to keep an eye on promising stocks so we can buy them more cheaply later. Sprint shares are down 9 percent since we began watching them, so patience has paid. Many people have argued that the drop in […]

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Hussman: Stocks Are Not Cheap Based On Forward Operating Earnings

One of the great dangers of bank stimulus that makes its way into securities markets is that it distorts the apparent health of the economy. The high-level, crony-replete financial system with its ties to government is far removed from economic factors that affect typical citizens in the US economy. It’s well understood by now that […]

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Hedging Against Cheaper Oil

Maria asked, “Do you think the price of oil is about to spike higher because Israel and the U.S. will soon attack Iran to stop it from making a nuclear bomb? If so, do you recommend that I buy oil company stocks, or an oil ETF?” No to the first question and, thus, no to […]

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Cheapest 5-Star Stocks

Yesterday’s article showing nine cheap momentum stocks proved popular. A slew of requests came in for the cheapest stocks rated 5 stars by Morningstar. Cheap can be defined in different ways, so I’ll go through various filters on Morningstar’s 5-star stocks. Here are the five cheapest by share price: Entorian Tech (ENTN) … $1.20 Replidyne […]

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