Three To Watch

Starting about a month ago, I’ve been suggesting that you buy market weakness on the premise that we’re in an uptrend. Some visitors have written to ask what, exactly, they should buy on weakness.

To address that, I’ve selected three stocks from the 70 or so that I’m tracking at the moment. One is a medical device maker, another a specialty retailer, and the third an online software vendor. Each is undervalued in its own way, and bears watching. My performance target for each is a double.

If you’d like to follow along with these three to buy when I buy, if I buy, please give The Kelly Letter a try for a month. It’s only a penny, and if you don’t like it you can cancel at any time. If you decide to stay with me, as 85% of people who’ve ever tried my letter do, then you’ll pay only $5.48 per month for as long as you want to receive it. If ever you want to stop, just click to cancel and the monthly payments stop right away.

What keeps people reading The Kelly Letter? I’d like to say it’s the performance, which is good, but that’s not the reason I hear most often. Is it the low price? To a degree, but even a low price isn’t enough to keep people if the product is no good. In fact, what I receive most are letters like this one, which I received on Thanksgiving Day:

“You know, I’ve used a lot of services since I started trading, and you are unique among all of the other advisor services. No one else has ever sent me any of these personal “best wishes” sort of emails. That says something about you. The world could do with a few more Jason Kellys. This sort of thing takes just a minute and is good for business but I don’t get the sense that this is the only (or main) reason you do it.”

I’m not sure my friends and family would agree that the world could use a few more of me, but I’m sure happy that my subscribers think so.

I’d love to welcome you into the same cozy group of investors. We make a lot of money, but somehow manage to keep perspective. It’s not just about money, it’s about what makes life valuable, about pausing to appreciate the people that are affected by the moves of the market, and to realize that when all is said and done, whatever money we’ve gathered won’t matter nearly as much as the relationships we’ve built.

I’d like to build one with you, so how about coming along to see if we can’t nab one of these three undervalued stocks we’re closing in on? Click here to read more.

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